DVBBS leaving two girls unconscious in their dressing room after Balaton Sound

Hungarian version
In their effort to show great character, the duo headed to the airport straight away after leaving two unconscious girls in their dressing room. The girls were found by the cleaners. Police caught them at the airport, but let them leave.

It is still a question whether sexual abuse took place, however it is in an inhumane act to leave unconscious people unattended. No question the two girls were guests of DVBBS backstage.

The media responses are low - Western media didn't pick up the case (yet), and Hungarians are making questionable comments about the fault of the girls in this matter. The only party giving the proper response - next to a few commenters on the duo's Facebook page - was Sziget, the festival cancelled the duo's gig. Finally someone is doing the right thing.

We hope the girls are feeling better soon and that no harm was done.

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