M&M's & M // MANOYA & MARGE & MïUS // CONCERT X 3 // TRAFÓ [SZEPT. 14]

Light electronics, acoustic sounds, captivating melodies, tight beats. All of this from three current Hungarian bands, all with female lead singers with names starting with the letter M.

After Enikő Hódosi’s (Manoya) full-house debut concert, she makes her return to the Trafó as a Fonogram award-winning artist, Zsuzsanna Mészáros (Marge) will be performing her new album coming out in September to the audience, whilst Júlia Horányi (mïus) will be giving a second rendition of her highly successful MR2 Akusztik show, with a few new added songs.

Manoya (a.k.a HODOSI Enikő) - vocals, guitar, keyboards
KOVÁCSOVICS Dávid - guitar
KISS Árpád–keyboards, trumpet
HOCK Ernő - doublebass, bass guitar
LÁZÁR Tibor -drums, electronics

MÉSZÁROS MARGE Zsuzsanna - lead vocal
Dj Nara - Dj live act
Likovics Alexandra -Dance
Forrai Bea - Dance
Kántor Kata- Dance

HORÁNYI Júlia -vocals
ÁLMOS Gergely - guitar, percussions
BUBNÓ Lőrinc - guitar
MEZEY Tamás - bass guitar
TEMPFLI Erik - piano
FEKETE István - trumpet
Vincze-Fekete Máté - drums

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