// BALATON SOUND // how we see it

Well not WE as actually WE see it (we didnt make the video), but from the perspective of the party people going to Balaton Sound. No promotions, no nothing, just the atmosphere, lights, love, freedom and crazy partying. Endless summer? Would be great, but instead on Balaton Sound you have the 4 best days of your summer.
So the story of this movie and why I am sharing it is simple: I have met some new friends on the festival (as it always happens on festivals) and they turned out to be making a crazy movie about the festival. So before they finish with this year's, lets see last year's aftermovie, which will make you to book your ticket to Balaton Sound 2014 immediately! And there is also a nice view of the Budapest nightlife in the first 3 minutes.

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