With new laws in Hungary from now on you can only buy cigarettes in special shops called "Nemzeti Dohánybolt" (National Tobacco Shop), which makes life a little bit harder. Before this you could have bought cigarettes everywhere: shops, bars, clubs etc. They have a quite decent map on the official website, but the big question can be: Where do I buy cigarettes late night? During a party? After the party going home? So we collected the 0-24 tobacco shops in a Google Map where you can easily find which one is the closest to you. It is also indicated in the label if the shop only closes for 4-5 hours during the night.

Budapesti ÉJJEL NAPPALI Nemzeti Dohánybolt Gyűjtemény nagyobb térképen való megjelenítése

We are still uploading info. Sadly there are not too many nonstop shops, but we hope this will help you.
Picture: Vipler Kisanna

Always look for this sign, when searching for a tobacco shop:


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